See The Rise Of American Artist, Tony’J And His Deep Love For Good Music


Good music will always positively impact anyone because it connects the human soul to a smooth and enjoyable rhythm that fits any type of mood. Most times, we tend to wonder how a single line, beat, or the combination of both, sparks a unique transmission of vibe. Like soul food, good music speaks to the mind, soul, and body, thereby creating the synergy of sound we love to hear.

Tony’J loves good music and it has been a major source of inspiration in his journey through life. The fast-rising American Rapper creates a versatile and stylish type of sound that everyone loves. To Tony’J, music transcends the extraordinary dimension because it involves more than rhyming words over beats, but extends to a unique combination of metaphors, punchlines, personal experiences, and passion flowing through the beat, and this gives a sound that anyone will vibe to.

“I like to think my music is versatile. I can rap with the best and give you something to vibe to as well. I like to use metaphors and punchlines but also give a real meaning, event, something I have seen, and so on, in each punchline or metaphor I use. Over time, I developed enough to make my style basically, and if I feel like doing something melodic, I can, if I feel like rapping my ass off I can. It depends on how I’m feeling or how the beat makes me feel in that moment,” Tony’J says.


The rapper’s musical inspiration goes deep into his early experiences of spending time with his father in car rides, watching shows that sparked his creative skills and the likes. Tony’J started to harness his musical skills by writing and putting metaphorical words together, and with time, he developed into the budding star that he is today.

“I wanna say that my inspiration for music started by hearing it on car rides with my dad, watching 106&park with all the videos. Out of nowhere, I just start writing and kind of liked the fact of putting metaphors together. By just seeing the music scene growing up, it kind of influenced me to wanna do music,” he says.

The St. Louis rapper’s music has been influenced and shaped by learning from the rap legends and OGs in the music industry. When asked about what helped his style to develop, Tony’J said:

“As I said, my love for music comes from my dad. He used to pick me up bumping all the classics of Eminem, 2pac, 8ball & MJG, Dipset, cash money, jay z, I mean the list goes on. Just always hearing music and watching it growing up influenced me to do it. I feel like I have to be heard, and when people hear me they can say confidently that this guy is gonna be great”.

Obstacles Faced:

Tony’J realized that his journey to fame and stardom won’t come on a platter of gold. So he had to work his ass off to make the best out of the opportunities presented to him. At first, he experienced the challenge of being offered a listening ear. However, this did not deter Tony’J from giving out his best rap verses, because he knew that he was talented enough and the world had to know this.

He would always advise that you don’t take your foot off the pedal once you get going. No detours straight 1000 percent through each goal. When you keep grinding, your life can change in one year, and even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere.

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