Devyn Giovengo Is The Serial Entrepreneur Of The 21st Century

Somto Ike
3 min readAug 25, 2020


What does music, fashion, and graphic design have in common? Devyn Giovengo, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is not your average 20-year old. Born with an entrepreneurial streak, he has successfully founded and grown multiple business ventures while steadily shattering all boundaries.

Devyn, fondly referred to as Gio by friends and family, has been an entrepreneur since middle school. What started from a modest beginning has bloomed into a business empire. Gio is the co-founder of Visions Attire, a clothing line he operates with two close friends; Derrek McFadden and Mikel Battles. He also runs Gio Made It, a media team specializing in graphics and videography.

The question is how did a young man from sleepy Pittsburgh achieve all of this in record time?

Turning Out Differently

Life in Pittsburgh is as regular as it can get. Every day, you find yourself surrounded by different people chasing their version of the American Dream. Sometimes, the pursuit can lead them down dark paths. This was the story of Gio’s cousin, who found himself in jail after running with the wrong crowd.

However, there was a silver lining to this dark cloud. One day, Gio paid a visit to his incarcerated relative. They had a long conversation, and Gio came out of the building that day as a different person. This was the turning point in his life, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Flipping The Script

In his junior year of high school, Gio decided it was time to do something differently. He got together with his friends and from their collaboration, Visions Attire was born. The brand is their message to the world, a sign of a better future. The fire around their business spread very quickly and soon they had their whole school buzzing about it.

The boys spread their wings even farther and started to reach every corner and alley of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. This was Gio’s first taste of success and he quickly got hooked, leading to the creation of his next venture.

Creating a Legacy

Gio Made it is the second brand that Gio started as his passion project. He was already a skilled graphic designer, so in 2019 he took a class on videography. After completing his studies, he began to practice his skills by shooting videos for his friends for some extra money. As his skills improved rapidly, Gio decided to commercialize his newfound skills and he started to accept shooting bookings.

Breaking into a new industry was not an easy ride. For many months, Gio undercharged for his talents, sometimes going as low as accepting $40 for a music video shoot. Despite all his efforts, he was unable to close a single sale. However, he knew he was on to something and he was not going to stop until he got to the peak.

It took countless sleepless nights and several hours of nonstop work to get to that peak. It was not easy, yet Gio achieved his goals through consistency and perseverance. Now, he has a growing team and charges as much as $400 for a single video, more than 10x his original price.

That is the value of hard work.

Setting Examples

Beyond being a hardworking and persistent entrepreneur, Gio is also an exemplary leader. He takes personal responsibility for the growth of his team and takes a lot of joy from being able to teach everyone as much as he can. His superpower is his ability to be completely selfless and commit 100% to the success of his business and the growth of his team. All this, combined with his easy personality and positive outlook on life, is what makes him such a delight to work with.

For Gio, the secret to growth is actually not a secret at all. He believes in working hard and putting in the hours to achieve success. You can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you are willing to work and not give up.



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