As an artist, the great feeling about making music is the freedom to creatively express yourself. Presently, music lovers are always excited to listen and vibe to new tunes. There is no better time than now to give them what they love. Pretty Boy Zay has keyed into this by sparking his creativity.

Corboi Kennedy-Flomo, or Zayquan Aeternum as you know him, is a young music star that is bringing a new wave into the hip-hop scene. The growing artist brilliantly combines his love for anime and music talent to produce a unique style of music. …

Investing is something we all know we should do but the thought of putting your hard-earned money into something so unknown can seem daunting or intimidating.

Instead of spending time researching different stocks or assets to invest in, you can cover multiple assets with just one single investment now using cryptocurrency.

Passive Token ($PASV) is a next-level cryptocurrency that has the potential to generate monthly income without any of the extra work. …

Since the emergence of hip-hop culture, it has reached a significant point in the development of music as we know it today. In this present generation, budding talents are growing and are being discovered because this niche affords a level ground for creative expressions.

Corboi Kennedy-Flomo, popularly known as Zayquan Aetereum, is one of the rising talents in the hip-hop world. The young sensation has been making music since the age of 14, and he keeps getting better at his craft. …

Avery Redd

The American music industry can be likened to the Mount Everest of global music, and the journey to the peak can take a lifetime. Countless musical talents have sprung out from here, and the industry is still producing music geniuses every time. One artist that is set to take the music world by storm is Avery Redd.

The Compton-born artist is best described as a once-in-a-lifetime star, and lately, he has been paving his own path and crafting a particular style of music that listeners love to hear. This has put Avery Redd in the spotlight, as he has started…

Sa’deek Price

For different artists, drawing inspirations for success can be attributed to several reasons. A lot of people channel the energy from their life’s struggles and ordeals to pass the message through music. Music can be that masterpiece that connects our souls and set the right feeling in place during the ups and downs of life.

Sa’Deek Price’s passion for music has helped him scale through the hurdles of life, and he inspires his fans and listeners all over the world. Every time, the young artist shares his experience through life and how he strives to succeed as a form of…


Good music will always positively impact anyone because it connects the human soul to a smooth and enjoyable rhythm that fits any type of mood. Most times, we tend to wonder how a single line, beat, or the combination of both, sparks a unique transmission of vibe. Like soul food, good music speaks to the mind, soul, and body, thereby creating the synergy of sound we love to hear.

Tony’J loves good music and it has been a major source of inspiration in his journey through life. The fast-rising American Rapper creates a versatile and stylish type of sound that…

Entrepreneur Taylor Ping was born in Redwood City, California, and moved throughout Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, and Los Altos. She now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where her companies Ann Access and Hierarchy Media are based.

In this article, we learn more about the founder of Ann Access and Hierarchy Media, Taylor Ping.

What’s your story?

I have always felt a powerful force urging me to keep following my love for business and at a young age, I knew there was no other option for me but to pursue what I knew would be the only way to feel fulfilled in the business aspect…

Shutdown Events was set up in 2014 in Burnley, UK. This brand came as a sequel to the success Chris Sarchet Bell and his team had achieved with their adult events company, Grenade.

“We chose to attempt to handle the more youthful market to have the option to get revenue from a youthful crowd,” Chris says. “At that point, when they grew up, we would have the option to hand them off to our older age group focused brand, Grenade.”

In next to no time, Shutdown Events gained wide acclaim in Burnley, even drawing in customers from out of the…

For 23-year old junior swimmer Khaled El Masry, his top career goal has always been to become one of the top swimmers in Egypt and the UAE. When he moved to Dubai in 2016, he never expected that he would create a business that would change not just his life, but the entire digital marketing industry.

Four years later, Khaled has proven that he can blow the competition out of the water, both inside and outside the pool. He is the co-founder of 199X Digital, a rising digital production, and branding agency that operates both in the GCC and Egypt…

Alex Sky Huang

When Alex Sky Huang attended his first sneaker convention in 2016, the then-8th grader did not know he was about to stumble on a profitable business opportunity that would earn him a loyal customer base and more than 400 positive reviews on his Instagram page alone.

Alex Sky Huang is the Founder and Owner of 954Sold, a brand named after the South Florida area code he grew up in, serving Broward County. 954Sold is a lifestyle reselling brand that helps customers purchase limited edition, sold-out and rare sneakers and clothing that cannot be purchased from retailers.

So how has a…

Somto Ike

PR Expert | Copywriter.

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